3 Ways to Grow Business Confidence and Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity

Confidence: 5 Ways to Grow Business Confidence and Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity

Wouldn’t it be nice to have  confidence and banish self-doubt and negativity? How would it feel to wake up every morning knowing the world loves & respects you and is ready to take what you have to dish out for the day? Sure it’s easy to be positive when everything’s going great. It is staying positive when the world feels like it’s crumbling that takes a bit more patience…and lots and lots of practice. It’s not an easy task.

Confidence can be achieved within any circumstance …. job loss, break-ups, marital problems, financial strain, parenting issues, or sales & work frustrations. Life is life. It won’t always be good. It won’t always be bad. It’s being able to go along with the ebb and flow that allows a person to gain confidence.

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“Confidence can be achieved within any circumstances… Invincible Victoria” 

How to: 5 Ways to Grow Business Confidence, Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity

As a Certified Professional Confidence Trainer & Mental Fitness Coach. I believe everything is linked to self-love. Sure that may sound a little silly and over-simplified. I firmly believe when we love who we are (as we are) and let go of … expectations, judgement, perfectionism, and negativity ... we release worrying how the world and others perceive us both at home and in our business.

Why? Because we shift focus back to our core. This is the place where we get real results. This is a place of self-love. And self-love trickles through into every aspect of our life. We are created in love and grace by a loving creator to be who we are as we are.

Moving away from our center and  trying to fit in with family, social groups, and clients that are not our tribe does a disservice to our psyche and stunts both our personal and financial growth.

10 hacks To Boost your self Confidence

“Follow your intuition and stay true to your values and core beliefs. ” 

Where you do start: 5 Ways to Grow Business Confidence, Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity

Here are 3 key things to remember daily in order to grow confidence and banish self-doubt & negativity in every aspect of your life:


  1. In Life, There are No Rules, Only Results. Let Go of Outside Influences. Take Back Control.

You are imperfectly perfect, own that. Life is full of lessons, not rules. And lessons are subjective, not finite. Ironically, life has this funny way of letting you know what’s working for you and what isn’t. You can literally feel it! Follow your intuition and stay true to your values and core beliefs, regardless of what others think. Doing so puts you back in the driver’s seat and puts you back in control releasing self-doubt. You feel good about being you again!

  1. Your first task in gaining more self-confidence is to let go of societal roles and expectations (both of yourself and others). There are so many influences in our lives consciously and subconsciously dictating what we should and shouldn’t do.
  1. We can set the parameters of expectation in our work lives and those around us. However, it’s up to an individual to choose to succeed or fail. It’s not our job to tell others how to fit into our ideals. It’s our job to foster and encourage our family, friends, employees, and clients… but not to control them. Let go of what you believe they should be doing and let people be who they are. It’s liberating.

Doing so allows you to take back control of your own life because you are no longer worrying about other people’s thoughts and opinions about how you live your life. In fact, you’ve released yourself of any negative karma you’ ve subconsciously been creating. It’s liberating.

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“Confidence is being able to forge a new path without a safety net.”

Michele Ciola

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Stop Judging Others So You Can Stop Judging Yourself. Self-doubt and negativity is a learned behavior

4. A lot of what we believe about ourselves and others comes from critical influences we’ve endured throughout our lives.

When being judged there seems to be justification in judging others. Unfortunately this ridicule and constant criticism is a viscous cycle that never ends.

It creates a cyclone of negativity (and subconsciously creates drama in your life.) People will often create unrealistic work ethics and relationship expectations basing feelings towards others on a need for perfectionism or to fit in.

Sadly, the more we judge others, the more we condemn ourselves.

“Self-doubt is deeply seeded throughout a lifetime.” 

Oddly, so often we judge ourselves and make decisions for our lives based on how we perceive others judging us. The end result is guilt, frustration, and perfectionism. [ We’re perfect. No one can judge us – right? – Wrong! Let go. No one is perfect, nor needs to be.] End the cycle. Give people the freedom to be who they are.
The less judgement you give, the less judgement you’ll receive. This consciously and subconsciously releases negativity and mental blocks from your mind and positive energy will begin to flow bringing you to places of self-love & confidence.
Oh! And… It’s good karma!
You no longer have to worry about how people feel about you because you feel great about you.
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  1. Practice the Power of Positivity. Be Your Own Best Friend.

How do you start? By using the daily affirmations below and practicing telling yourself good things, both in your mind and out loud. There’s no place for negativity in your life. Exercise your mind –  Look in the mirror daily and repeat after me:

  • I am amazing!
  • I’ve got this!
  • You rock!
  • Look at all you’ve been through and you survived!
  • Here you are kicking butt and taking names!
  • You go with your amazing self!


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It may feel funny at first but eventually (with months of practice) your mind and heart catch up and are filled with self-love making you feel better than ever!
You start seeing yourself smiling more, recognizing the sound of your own voice in a positive way versus in a the pesky negative way, and you learn to separate what is good and filling for your life and what is needless and senseless…

5 Ways to Grow Business Confidence, Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity


It’s up to you to be your own best friend. Owning your confidence and banishing self-doubt has to do with understanding where it comes from and learning to love who you are as you are. The same goes for creating affirmations and positive karma in your work life.
You can do it with anyone, in groups, and make it a way of raising energy in the workplace, with your sales team, and with your co-workers (especially when they’re having a bad day)!


For the entrepreneur who is great at assessing their needs and understanding their thought patterns, the following questions can help gain confidence in knowing which direction to go: When it comes to taking risks and doing new things, FIRST ask yourself, “Why Shouldn’t I?”

Once You Ask Why Shouldn’t I, Next Ask Yourself “Then What?” Asking “then what?” after every decision you’re about to make. It allows your mind to walk though the positives and negatives of each scenario and gives a clearer perspective.

10 Powerful Ways To Instantly Grow Confidence,Banish Self-Doubt and Negativity

A great rule of thumb when it comes to your day-to-day is to ask yourself these questions to help navigate why you’re making decisions the way you do.

The following Questions will help you identify fear and doubts when it comes to decision making:

  • Why shouldn’t you ask your potential client for the sale?

Is it because of fear? Do you not want to seem too pushy? Are you worried about what they think about you? You will not get the sale if you can’t have meaningful dialogue which sometimes can be difficult.

  • Are you trying not to offend / upset others?

Is it possible you know changes need to be made in your business, or in your relationships but you don’t want to tip the apple cart because it will change the dynamics of how things are run. Is it worth the risk to fix what’s wrong or to say ‘no’ to solutions and continue hoping things eventually sort themselves out?

  • Are you afraid of confrontation?

Fear of confrontation limits you and your financial success as well as the success of your personal relationships. Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas are valid. Sharing them is part of life.

  • Do you fear consequences?

What are the true consequences of making a decision. Make a pros and cons list and listen to your intuition. By asking if fear is a driving force, we can eliminate a lot of guess work and take better risks leading to a significant increase in confidence. This is especially important in our relationships because it gives us clarity of what our fear is based on.

The upside of fear is faith.

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