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If you’ve answered “Yes” let me introduce you to our VIP Level Pinterest Coaching Program.


If keeping the momentum going is important to you and is something you are looking for AND you are ready to rapidly move your success needle forward, then the VIP package is exactly what you want. It’s the ultimate come-meet-us-in-person & roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on, intensive session with the masters you can get.

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Introducing the “VIP” Experience

The VIP Experience

If you’re a fast action taker here’s what you get:

A BONUS of 5 custom Pinterest boards – done for you by yours truly
[That’s 15 highly optimized, high authority channels, pointing laser-targeted traffic back to your offers!]
I will personally curate and pin to your specific industry with 3 optimized pin images at no extra charge!
That’s 15 optimized image pins, with keyword-rich descriptions, including storytelling.
[Worth well over $997]

[4] 60-minute live group calls – for Q&A laser coaching with me, on relevant topics specific to your industry, with these three essential components as the focal point:
Best practices
Feedback, and
[Worth well over $997]

As one of the first 10 registrants – you’ll receive your very own customized marketing blueprint and your follow-up mastermind-style consultation

Look-Over-Our-Shoulders and
get your “hands-on” VIP training:

Join us in the home of World Disney, and the beautiful Orlando, Fl., for “A Day w/ Maggie Lamarre and Co.” where we’ll share with you advanced growth strategies using Pinterest. This can be THE game-changer for you, driving down marketing costs, while growing your platform. Use this as a virtual launching pad for your business to Take Off

(Hotel, Airfare and Transporation not included)
Snacks will be provided.

You’ll leave with an understanding of ways to leverage Pinterest in your marketing, so deep, it’ll make the “gurus” shudder. 

  • Curation Mastery
  • Calendar Master
  • Research Leverage Mastery
  • Traffic Mastery

Many businesses perceive their issues to be a lack of financing.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!
It’s a lack of confidence, know-how, great, implementable ideas and the right exposure.
They are lacking clarity of the critical next steps.

When you come to this event, you’ll return focused and clear, ready to take on your industry from the place of knowledge.

Knowledge of:

  • How to incorporate the vital core components for a successful marketing campaign.
  • What you should be doing in and out of season to maximize your momentum
  • The best ways to avoid wasting your time online with ineffective busy work
Maggielamarre- Pinterest-Fashion

By the end of this VIP event, you’ll walk away with….

  • More than notes or an outline
  • More than memories of walking on hot coals in a fire pit
  • Story “Selling” – Connecting with your clients’ cash flow through the art of storyboarding
  • Content Leverage/Repurposing – Reducing your mountain of work into a molehill
  • List Building & Segmentation – Keeping your client categories clean for maximum profit
  • Conversion Mastery – Tapping into the growing pool of ideal buyers and courting them to say “yes” again & again

That’s right!

  • No smoke
  • No mirrors
  • No beauty pageants
  • No open bar for you to throw back a few to get you through the event…

Just the HOW TOs’ of creating sustainable buyer-traffic using the power of the Pinterest platform!

If you know your time is money and you want the investment of speed to work for you, join the VIP’s and skyrocket your results by clicking the “Upgrade Me” button now.


Need Help Ordering or Have questions regarding the VIP Experience?

Any questions or concerns regarding the VIP Experience, let’s schedule a chat and get all your questions answered.

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