When you see those gorgeous images all over Social Media and on Websites, you’ve gotta stop and take notice…

That’s the point!

Those images are designed to stop the eyes scrolling through your pages and get them to connect, engage and share to their communities.

Are you wanting the same results?  

Do you want your marketing to run on virtual autopilot?

Are you ready to take your graphics to a whole new level and effectively reach your ideal buyers?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions keep reading! I’ve got something designed especially for you…

Most business owners create graphics on the fly. They Choose a background color…Select a font…

Choose a text color… Add text to the image…Center all the text…

Upload to Facebook or somewhere else…And they call it a day.

And what do you think happens more often than not?

Do you think that’s enough?

Not even close…

Did You know…

On average, more than 300 million images are uploaded to Facebook each day? 

More than 80 million on Instagram? And some 14 million articles alone on Pinterest?

That is an amazing amount of opportunity for you to take advantage of, but it’s going to take one thing…

Great Images. 

You’ve heard the saying

“A picture is worth 1,000 words” However, at Cascade Avenue we like to say “A picture is worth $1,000!” and it’s true. You can actually turn a picture into $1,000!

Are YOU leaving money on the table with dull graphics?

You’ve gotta start with attractive images that are unique and stand out from your competition.

Add sparkle & shine

to your graphics!


Imagine amidst the overwhelming sea of copycat recycled graphics, you add a pebble to the pond. You add the right textures, glitter, glam, and pizzazz transforming your images from dull to dynamic AND all in just a few seconds.

When you join Sparkle & Shine Graphics, I will take you by the hand through the process of finding the perfect elements to pair with your images to create one-of-a-kind graphics.

Let’s face it. When making a mark in your industry, the last thing you want to do is look like your competition. It’s important to make your own connection and engagement.


    Your ideal client demystified on Pinterest

What about you?

Can your images use an overhaul?

In this mini-course you will…

Discover techniques to create masterpieces in just 3 simple steps

Lock in key strategies that’ll make it possible to immediately stand out and be seen by your buyers. Your images are going to pop as you magnetically attract your ideal community.

Identify new income streams such as creating printable art to hang on walls, give as gifts, turn into wrapping paper, t-shirts, framed pictures, merchandise, and a whole lot more.

Get my bonus template for Pinterest and an awesome library of textures to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

I’ve even created and crafted a collection of 10 textures and 3 images to use as your background with my step by step process.

Ready to get started?

''This will change the way you present your business to the world.''

Maggie Lamarre

''All that Sparkles & Shines can literally be gold''

Jason Hodge

How to add Glam & Wow to Your Image for Posting in Groups, Social Media, Pinterest and Blogs.

Yes I’ve got you covered!

This is just the tip of the iceberg on where you can go with the knowledge you gain from this mini course.

You are going to have a blast using what you’ve learned in here to be creative and get up and running as a professional fast.

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