”For your BRAND to experience its full POTENTIAL?”

Branding is not just LOGO, Colors, or Website Design…
It is “Texture, Core Message, and User Experience as well”.
 At Cascade Avenue is on a not-so-secret mission to show you how to leverage your Branding as the ultimate tool to attract your ideal buyer.
“Without holding your ideal buyer hostage.”

Fun facts about me…

Maggie Lamarre, Chief Thought Innovator, and Pinterest Visual Marketing Strategist

Hi, Bonjour, disruption Seekers, welcome home!

I’m Maggie, Cascade Avenue’s CTI, Chief Thought Innovator and visual marketing and branding strategist who trains the trainers, social media strategists, marketers, and the “gurus” out there with the desire to deliver impact and results for their clientele.

For over 22 years, I have been in the marketing field playing an integral role in the success of many major brands you see today like Provo Craft, Conagra, etc. I streamline the processes marketers use to get their deepest most sustainable results and identify repositioning opportunities to take brands who’ve found themselves in a lull, to their own personal revivals.

Your brand should passionately engage your ideal buyer emotionally just like the way romance novels I read pulls me in.



Having traveled to different parts of the globe, training well over a thousand businesses on how to increase their exposure while stretching their marketing dollars, I’ve probably been there, done that, seen it all and I’ve definitely lived to tell the stories.

I’ve had so many adventures one that I know will make you laugh, was the time I was in Colombia for the day, when I travel I like experiencing the locale just like a native going about their daily lives. Took the bus 15 minutes out of town, we were stopped at the checkpoint for id and random search, to make sure no one was transporting anything illegal, apparently Colombia was right in the middle of a drug war with Nicaragua and tons of kidnapping was going on, unknown to us. The worst part I had no passport with me, except my Florida driver’s license, (Scary right).

The two of us that were tourists were made to get off the bus while I stared at machine guns, several Sandinists speaking rapid fire Spanish and all I got was a word here and there. Luckily I was able to use my charms and found one of the Sandinist used to live in Miami after inspecting my license. He shared he did an internship at Disney World in the Mexican Pavilion which is weird since he is Nicaraguan. Small world eh??? The day end up being the best and it’s one of my favorite adventures to recount.
Remind me to tell you what happened to me in Amsterdam later ok.

Wanna know more?

Part coder, part artist – I developed a passion for technology at an early age, well before Mosaic, Juno etc., and my thirst for uninhibited creative expression. Degreed in Computer Engineering and Graphic Design, my quest for knowledge and a better understanding of the nuances of technology became unquenchable. I’m a geek with flair!

When I’m not traveling or teaching, you can find me buried in crafting, mixed media or the culinary arts, historical research, or reading romance novels… yep, I luv luv fresh squeeze Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade too can you tell from my pictures on the right? Those are my favorite drinks no matter the season Summer or Winter…

Cheers, to your success!


A few of the places I’ve been featured

About Cascade Avenue


At Cascade Avenue, we provide you with unique strategies to dominate your niche and position you in front of your buyer’s market.

We focus on maintaining your integrity through our process of curation and education.In other words, we help you grow your business through the power of YOU.

Your unique voice, your unmatched style, your brand ‘YOU’.

By infusing extraordinary value in our products and services we ensure your best outcomes.

We take your mission by the hand and guide it through the doors of destiny.

Cascade Avenue

Cascade Avenue’s “A.T.T.R.A.C.T.™” – STRATEGIC

[ATTRACT Assess Track Target Reposition Apply Captivate Trust]

Assess — we look at your unique positioning in your marketplace to identify the critical elements keeping you from showing up as powerfully as you should. This opens the doors for you to uncover the hidden gems in your business to create your dream lifestyle

Track — knowing your ideal client is crucial to your success. As we set the plan for you to discover the hidden mysteries that make your buyer tic, you gain the knowledge to show up in ways your competition hasn’t considered.

Target — as the archer sets their site on the arrow’s destination, clarity is their best mentor. Through our system you discover how to know your clientele to make the right type of connection.

Reposition — your voice, your insight, your authentic approach is what makes you stand out in your market. As we help you identify and develop your unique conversation you’re able to consistently speak to the needs of your marketplace, and more specifically, that individual in your market actively searching for your services.

Apply — implementation is then next phase of our process. After assessing, tracking, targeting and repositioning we move into implementation. We apply the best strategies to help you achieve your desired outcomes. From concept to your prescribed set of actions with the support of our proprietary platforms, you will get to your destination in the way that’s most organic to the culture of your company.

Captivate — to be in the forethought of another’s mind takes an innate ability to stand head and shoulders above the noise. In your field your job is to capture the hearts and minds of your audience with the value you bring in the way only you can bring it. It’s all about your story and how well you sell it.
With our dynamic way of coupling your imagery with our unique way of visually engaging your messaging, you will be able to take even the most mundane aspects of your offerings and breathe life into them in FULL HD CINEMATIC TECHNICOLOR. This is how we stop your audience in their tracks. It is our CAM™ imprinting technology.
You want to be more than remembered
You want to make an impression.

Trust — with these first elements of our “A.T.T.R.A.C.T.™” method in place, your capstone is the trust you cultivate with your buyer-community as you continue to show up and deliver your value time and again. By following our process, you build solid consistency…
And consistency breeds trust like none other.

Grow and Attract 

Your Ideal Clients

Organically, Increase Conversions & Boost Sales with Ease…
You+CascadeAvenue = Life Transformation with Measurable Results

Are you ready to transform your life and work TOGETHER?
Preview our Transformational Courses…

Harness The Hidden Powers of Pinterest…

My Pinterest Visual Marketing Program will turn you into a lean, savvy pinner!

You’ll discover the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to leverage their highly effective untapped features that have stayed under the radar. Most don’t even know they exist.

Learn how to attract your ideal followers and give them exactly what they want from you.

Harness the power to convert followers into fans and fans into clients.

You will learn how to mesmerize and monetize with Pinterest – something most people struggle with.


“Start Building Your Lifestyle and Brand Today.”

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