We believe Branding is not exclusive
to LOGO, Colors, or Website Design.
At Cascade Avenue, we firmly believe Branding
is about your “Core Message, and the User Experience”.
Our Mission at Cascade Avenue is to show you Branding
is a skill worth cultivating.
Choose your Lifestyle with examples below and get started Creating a lasting impression.

Cascade Avenue is about:

Cascade Avenue will never provide cookie cutter information that has been regurgitated a hundred times before.
Compromise our integrity by telling our clients what they want to hear to keep peace instead of serving.
We will never make you purchase a product that is not in aligning with your core value and goals, just to make a sale.

Cascade Avenue will:

HELP — you uncover the hidden gems in your business to stretch and create the dream lifestyle into reality.
PROMISE — not to have fluff in our training materials like excessive quotes, affirmations, that doesn’t pertain to your core transformation.
FOCUS — Into the center of a solid foundation of what matters in your business to achieve results with proven strategies, structures, techniques and tools.
CRAFT — A manageable, sustainable marketing blueprint full of  unique strategies that are current not old modality from blog posts etc.
Grow and Attract Your Ideal Clients Organically, Increase Conversions & Boost Sales Easily…  You + Me = Creating Measurable Results 
“I can show you the Power of Pinterest by sharing with you the strategies I’ve shared with Leading Brands.”

25,000 Followers in Under 4 Months

I built my Pinterest profile from 834 followers to 25,000 followers ORGANICALLY in under 4 months, by pinning 30 minutes 3 times a week.

I now have over 36,000 followers!

Pinterest coaching program, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest marketing for business
Pinterest coaching program, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest marketing for business

Harness The Hidden Powers of Pinterest…

“Let me show you my insider secrets and closely guarded strategies. When you learn from me, Maggie Lamarre, you get my expertise that was recognized by Better Homes and Gardens when they awarded me the Top Influencer Pinner on Pinterest in May 2013. My brand new Pinterest Visual Marketing Bookcamp will turn you into a lean, savvy pinner! You’ll learn all the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to make the most of the features most people don’t know about. You’ll learn how to attract your ideal followers and give them exactly what they want from you. Then you’ll be able to convert followers into fans into customers. You will learn how to monetize Pinterest – something most people struggle with.”
At the end of the day,I am incredibly honored with the task to bring vision, and heart to your business. My purpose is to help you create your dream lifestyle into REALITY, and be the hero of your own narrative.

The fun Stuff about me…

Hi, bonjour! I am Maggie Lamarre, your Chief Thought Innovator. I help you create your dream lifestyle into reality while creating a lasting legacy with your business…

A few of the places I’ve been featured…..

Want to know more about me?

Bold, Creative and Visionary are three words that come to mind when asked how I’d describe myself. Who am I you must be asking?

My name is Maggie Lamarre and I am a Visual Content Architect and a Pinterest Expert.  My journey started in early 1989. Armed with a chunky Apple box computer; then called the Lisa, I developed a passion for technology and a thirst for uninhibited creativity. My quest for knowledge and a better understanding of the nuances of computer technology led me to obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering and Graphic Design

Although technology was my passion there was something that pulled at my more Creative Alter Ego. I knew that in order for me to marry the two sides I needed to master my creative desires by immersing myself in a more creative industry; thus my journey into the craft industry began.

While sitting at home with my then 13 year old daughter reflecting on how much she’d grown over the years I was inspired to create an album that would show off her colorful personality and would serve as pictorial memoir.

As I began to visualize and design I was swept away in embellishments, die-cutting, flowers, ribbons, punches, stamps, glitter and the variety of paper stocks. It was clear I was on to something.

A fire was ignited in me that led me to creating my own blog. It was in creating my own blog that I was able to connect with other designers and product owners in the crafting industry. I created challenges that showcased products and upcoming scrapbookers in the crafting industry.

My crafts have been showcased in over 50 international publications and most recently, Better Homes and Gardens honored me as one of the top pinners on Social Content Discovery Network, Pinterest. I was drawn to blogging and digital marketing In less than 2 years my blog was listed on the New York Times Top 50 Bloggers. I had also built a subscriber list of over 6,000. I have a true entrepreneurial spirit with a deep passion for supporting others achieve their dreams!

Maggie’s Favorite

Pinteres coaching, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest Bootcamp
Pinteres coaching, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest Bootcamp
Pinteres coaching, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest Bootcamp

Enough about me, book a discovery session and

let’s start crafting your Lifestyle and Brand to get

the results your deserve!


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