Don’t Drain Your Bank Account Over Live Streaming Copyright Music


With This Special Offer  Royal Free Music Training You’ll Discover Three Key Strategies To Use Right Now To Keep You Out Of Legal Hot Water.

I know it’s fun, it’s great to become the producer of your own entertainment or educational product; but there’s a growing trend of folks who are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, when it comes to their original content, that’s not-as-original as it needs to be to keep their bank accounts from being drained. Don’t be a part of that growing statistic.

It’s called copyright infringement and it carries a hefty price tag for all of its offenders. If you’re like me and so many others who love to add that pizzazz to the content they create, bells & whistles is your middle name. It’s about the presentation almost as much as it’s about the product. I was online doing my regular research [#GeekInRecovery] and I saw a wave of folks who were having their accounts shut down, left and right, along with lawsuits being filed against them by copyright owners, and let me tell you… it wasn’t cheap!

I’m talking everywhere from $750 to $7,500 and up PER INFRINGEMENT!

[The only way around that is to settle out of court for around $500, give or take.]

Royalty Free Music how to find them using this course


Now let me help you do the math. At the low rate of a $500 settlement per infringement, that’s each incident of the violation [translation – you can have the one incident you created create other incidents that you have to pay for, so $500 is not really $500…], so if your indiscretion ends up in 10 or more places, and the copyright holders are as aggressive as [not mentioning any names] rhymes with “Betty” Images, you could be facing fines from $5,000+, on a settlement, upwards into $75,000+!!! That’s a lot of cash!


Ask anyone who’s ever had a run-in with one of the copyright-holding giants and verify that as FACT! This why you need this special training Royalty Free Music.

So What do you do!?

Option #1

Compose your own music

Composing your own music is a great option! All you need is the equipment, the software, the time, the space and the skills set to do it; and depending on your connections, some cash to pay your musicians, or a great way to package it where they don’t mind not getting paid.

In composing your own you’re guaranteed to own the rights of copy on your original work. It’s an awesome position to be in, but not necessarily the most expedient or cost effective.

What are your options!?

Option #2

Hire a musician to create original music scores for your projects

This is almost identical to “Option1”. Do you have those connections?

Option #3

Find it free or purchase it already created, a.k.a. Buy-Out/Royalty-Free music

This is one of my favorite options because there’s an abundance of ready-made royalty-free music out there covering every genre that you rarely, if ever, need to make your own. You need the Royalty Free Music training.


YouTube is awesome, but can in some cases be quite complicated to find the appropriate music for what you’re trying to get done. It’s called ContentID. ContentID is YouTube’s system for determining and flagging copyrighted web content. It’s got its issues, but it’s kind of masterfully intelligent as it keeps THEM out of legal hot water from companies coming after them for users unlawfully using copyrighted music in their video clips. 

Platforms like Facebook can seem even more complicated, as they’re still getting their bearings in the livestream world with people like you and me as their guinea pigs.

With all of the new live video streaming platforms popping up they seem to bring their own cadre of rules and regulations of how they interpret the Copyright and Fair Use laws.

What’s the answer?


The “How to Find Royalty Free Music” mini-course!

In it you will learn:

How to find copyright music for all your livestreams and videos, even sound effects in any genre…

Where to access thousands of copyright free music sources to bring new life to your projects

How to contract musicians for custom music

How to protect your music once you have purchased it

Why you want to add music to your mix

If you’re an entertainment or info-product producer, and you’re wanting to dynamically boost your bottom-line…

If you want to add that professional edge to your productions and want a free to low cost way of doing it…

If you know you want to take advantage of all of the opportunities video has created for today’s entrepreneur and you know, like the professionals do, that you need to show up to the party with your ‘A-Game’…

You know by now that the “How to Find Royalty Free Music” mini-course is the right course for you.

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