Is your music connecting with your ideal clients?

Using the wrong type of music and tempo for your online courses, retreats or videos can drive away your clients and cost money!

Don’t Drain Your Bank Account Over Copyright Music


Copyright Infringements

I know it’s fun. It’s great to become the producer of your own entertainment or educational product. However, there’s a growing trend of folks who are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. When it comes to their original content. That content is not-as-original as it needs to be to keep their bank accounts from being drained. Don’t be a part of that growing statistic.

It’s called copyright infringement and it carries a hefty price tag for all of its offenders. If you’re like me and so many others who love to add that pizzazz to the content they create with all the bells & whistles then this is your middle name. It’s about the presentation almost as much as it is about the product.


I was online doing my regular research [#GeekInRecovery] and I saw a wave of folks who were having their accounts shut down, left and right. I also read about lawsuits being filed… it wasn’t cheap!

I’m talking anywhere from $750 to $7,500 and up PER INFRINGEMENT!

{The only way around that is to settle out of court costing $500, give or take.}




Let’s face it! Music is a huge facet of our lives from birthdays, reunions, parties, restaurants, the mall, weddings, sitcoms, blockbuster movies and online courses too.

How many of you remember the jingle from the Brady Bunch? Or can hum the notes from John Williams Star Wars Epic blockbuster song?

It is a scientific fact “the right music or sound effects will attract, soothe and affect the mood” of your ideal clients instead of driving them away.

Have you noticed how blockbuster shows like Game of Thrones evoke emotion with music?

The most effective tool to use to enhance learning is music! Have you ever heard a commercial without music?

Music is used in therapy to soothe and calm anxiety.
It heals by invoking memories.

Music can make you feel invincible and light up your passion. The fitness industry is very aware of this power.


Did you know?

74% of businesses surveyed by Socan revealed they saw an increase in their sales with the right music that created an enjoyable experience.

Royalty Free Music Mini Course!

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs experiencing the pain of trying to find the right music to reflect their brand.
This is the course for people who:


Do you livestream using Spotify, Pandora, i-Tunes or other music platforms? Simply writing in the description
“I don’t own the right to the music” is not enough. You can get shut down, or be hit with an infringement lawsuit.


Whether you are a video lifestyle producer or dreaming of creating your own YouTube channel,
creating and finding the right sound can be a daunting task.  This mini course is the perfect way to find the right music.


Launching a new podcast, or have an existing one?
You know how important  music is for your brand and designing your signature sound doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s easier than you think.

If you’re an entertainment or info-product producer and you’re wanting to dynamically boost your bottom-line

If you want to add that professional edge to your productions and want a free to low cost way of doing so…


It’s easy with Royalty Free Music Mini Course!

With this Special Offer of Royalty Free Music Training, You’ll Discover Three Key Strategies to Use Right Now. Keep Yourself Out of Legal Hot Water!

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

What are your options!?


Option #1

Compose your own music

Composing your own music is a great option! All you need is the equipment, the software, the time, the space and the skillset.


Option #2

Hire a Musician

Hire a musician to create original music scores for your project.

This is almost identical to “Option #1.” Do you know how to find and connect with musicians?


Option #3

Royalty Free Music

Find it free or purchase it already created, a.k.a. Buy-Out/Royalty-Free music.

This is one of my favorite options. I will show you what pitfalls to avoid when purchasing royalty free music. 


Option #4

YouTube Music

YouTube is awesome but it can in some cases be quite complicated to find the appropriate music for what your project. Using my tips and tricks you will quickly become a pro at finding the perfect soundtrack.


Ready to create and showcase your knowledge with Royalty Free Music know how?
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What’s the answer?


The “How to Find Royalty Free Music
Mini-Course” is your newest secret weapon!

In less than two hours, you’ll learn and better understand the type of sounds and genre that will ignite and invoke your audience into action.


Your Brand

  • Develop and incorporate a distinctive sound for your brand.
  • Type of Tempo and Rhythm you should be using to attract and retain your ideal client.
  • Why you want to add music as part of your brand fostering a deep relationship with your ideal buyers.



  • What you need to do BEFORE uploading any videos on YouTube.
  • How to find copyright music for  your Podcasts, Livestreams or Videos. Including sound effects.
  • What you need to be aware of before monetizing your videos.
  • How to find music to use on YouTube like a boss!


Custom music

  • How to find and contract work with musicians.
  • How to work with songwriters to produce jingles that you can use in ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
  • How to protect your music once you have purchased your distinctive sound.
  • Should you or shouldn’t you register or trademark your music?


Royalty Free music

  • Where to access thousands of copyright free music sources to bring new life to your projects.
  • How to pinpoint the best websites for the type of genre you need.
  • How a one-time fee or subscription can affect your bottom line.
  • What does Creative Commons mean for your video production?


If you want to take advantage of video, podcast, or livestreaming opportunities,  show up to the party with your ‘A-Game’ by completing 
the “How to Find Royalty Free Music Mini-Course.”

Royalty Free Music how to find them using this course


Learn additional insights from a celebrity insider.

Simply complete the course and survey to take advantage of the bonus.

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