Canva Brand Style Template


Planning a new brand or refreshing an existing one?

This Canva brand template will help you define your brand identity and increase brand consistency in your business. Use this brand guide to quickly establish a cohesive look and feel.
Perfect for small businesses, coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs, influencers and businesses that want to create a more unified and professional brand identity.

Use this stylish brand guide to show off a fantastic new look for your business!

Save on Pinterest for later!



Save on Pinterest for later!

This branding template eliminates countless hours trying to design your brand.

It’s all pre-designed for you.

It allows you to move forward with the most important & powerful aspects of your business . . . building your customer base!

Absolutely no design skills necessary or Photoshop/Adobe products needed. All the design work is already done for you and preformatted in Canva.

How kewl is that?? Right??!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • Access the Canva links through the PDF download after purchase.
  • Add your own colors/text and substitute with your brand font.
  • Save as a PDF and send to your web designer.

Please don’t give away, share, or sell the templates themselves. Please visit the terms of conditions.

P.S. These templates are not affiliated or endorsed by Canva, however it is permitted under their terms of use.

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