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I’ve been asked this very question numerous times and the answer is not as straightforward as one would think. That’s why I decided to write about the “YES and NO” of the Are Pinterest Board Covers Important question.

When it comes to Pinterest and using it to grow your brand or business, there are a few buzz words and terms I’ll be covering in this article.

You will discover the importance of:

  • Pinterest SEO
  • How To Use Pinterest for Your Business
  • How To Get Traffic from Pinterest
  • The Art and Science of Developing A Sound Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Pinterest SEO

When it comes to SEO: Search Engine Optimization, there are few platforms that can come close to matching let alone outdoing, Pinterest’s SEO prowess. Pinterest has a way of engaging the visitor in mind, body and soul. Why is that? It has to do with Pinterest’s unmatched ability to capture the intent of their user through the power of intentional search.

You see, statistics have proven that when a customer finds a specific product or business  through a Pinterest search, they are by and large searching for  a particular solution and are ready to buy. This is critical when it comes to SEO. Using Pinterest to set the foundation of your SEO design gives the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing exactly what they are looking for: Relevant Buyer Searches to promote to advertisers. Hint: This is how search engines  make their money…

You might be asking what does this have to do with Pinterest board covers and why is Pinterest critical in establishing an audience base?

Pinterest is “your digital vision board and lifestyle planning platform.” Click To Tweet

How To Use Pinterest for Your Business


When you’re ready to use Pinterest for your business, you’ve got to consider what the platform’s purpose is or what it has become. I’ve said this before it was even popular to say. Pinterest is a catalogue of ideas and the newest visual search engine. It is “your digital vision board and lifestyle planning platform.” It is one of the few tools that organically combines the sense of sight and sound masterfully coupled with imagination.


As a business, your job on Pinterest is to identify the needs of your potential clients, understanding their likes and hopes while at the same time positioning your products to answer those needs. When you use Pinterest to grow your business, you’ve got to be intentional and think like your customer thinks. Through visual display, you’ve got to answer their questions even before they ask them.
Pinterest Marketing-Pinterest Board Covers

Pinterest provides a user-friendly platform allowing you to strategically position your business in front of your ideal customer. Just remember… You want your imagery to LOOK as good as possible. Therefore in this sense, YES, your Pinterest Board is very important in attracting your ideal client.

You might be asking what does this have to do with Pinterest board covers and why is Pinterest critical in establishing an audience base?Is Pinterest critical in establishing an audience base? Click To Tweet

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How To Get Traffic from Pinterest

As a business owner, you should be pondering how to get traffic from not only Pinterest but with  all other relevant sources as well. Because of Pinterest’s unique relationship with search engines, it has become an ace-in-the-hole for growing search engine revenue . This is mainly because of the nature of search engines.

A search engine’s job is to cultivate a platform where their clientele, the big businesses, purchase advertising to get in front of their ideal buyers, advocates, and strategic partners. Your job is to be knowledgeable of how and where to serve up specific targeted content that draws in THEIR and ultimately YOUR ideal buyers.

It really is that simple. If you want a piece of that ‘traffic pie,’ you have to give the search engines exactly what will drive THEIR business forward. You will need to provide  the most desirable items/content for the search.

When you do that, the search engines are only too happy to divvy up their profits in the form of more visibility and clicks to your site.
Tip: Learn your marketplace by viewing it through the proper lens. Do this and you can position yourself to be the search engines’ ‘goto’ resource for all-things-your-topic. 

So what do you need for that to happen? You need:

A sound Pinterest marketing strategy.

A sound Pinterest marketing strategy is the key to connecting concepts to conversions as well as  connecting  audiences to solutions because the moment your visitor clicks through your virtual door, you’ve got to quickly acquire their mental and emotional real estate. You have  microseconds to make a quality  first impression before a potential customer decides whether to stay or click off to something more in line with their interests.

By now you may be seeing the importance  of Pinterest marketing and whether or not Pinterest board covers are important. I’m hoping you even have a few ideas circulating in your mind about it.

We’ve covered:

  • Pinterest SEO
  • How to use Pinterest for your business
  • How to get traffic from Pinterest, and
  • A sound Pinterest marketing strategy

Keep reading…

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What does this mean?

You don’t have time for ‘ramping’ up customer interest. You’ve got to woo them with value from click-one! At the point that your potential customer pops onto Pinterest, they are  on the hunt for something. Your priority is to take advantage of the fact that Pinterest is a visual search engine and strategically place your business at the forefront of their search journey. You need to understand their affinity markets and begin the conversation there, and we cover this topic in our Pinterest Visual Marketing Coaching Program.

“Don’t worry, I will help you understand Affinity Markets in no time.”

Let’s look at what boards actually can or cannot do. Let’s dive into the pretty, the ugly, and the the pretty ugly along with the ugly made pretty to get you started on whether or not a Board Cover is right for you and your business. Let’s ask the question: Should you create custom Pinterest board covers or not?

Short Answer: It all depends.

You may not like that answer but it’s the truth. What is right for you and your business model may not necessarily be a great fit for another business and vice versa. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. It’s all about positioning. So let’s work through your positioning together.
There are tons of “experts” that give blanketed generalities when it comes to how to effectively use Pinterest. However concentrating on a single strategy,  doled out to the masses is a recipe for failure. You cannot possibly know ‘what’ to do with Pinterest until you’ve defined the  end goal objective. 

Some questions to consider in deciding your specific strategy are:

  • Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic?
  • Are you using Pinterest to build your list?
  • Are you using the power of Pinterest to sell products?
  • Why are you on the Pinterest platform?
  • What do you want to get out of it?

These questions and a few more will help in determining ‘how’ to use Pinterest to achieve desired results.

Pinterest Board Covers for your ideal client

I know you’re looking for a straightforward answer, so let me tell you the good news.

The ball is definitely in your court when it comes to defining Pinterest objectives but once your desired outcome is defined, Pinterest is a powerhouse at delivering results. Despite the articles floating around touting the edicts of being successful on Pinterest by creating custom board covers alone it is important to note that rating and creating a sound strategy on Pinterest should be the main objective in reaching your ideal client.

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Success Leaves Clues…

When was the last time you saw a magazine repeating the same cover design?
Look at your business as if it were a magazine cover. Would you choose the one that has the same cover or would you choose the one that resonates and adapts to each season or theme?

With the exception of Oprah or Time Magazine, a repeated cover design concept is hardly ever seen. Do you know why?

Magazine covers are ‘engineered’ to captivate the would-be reader, to stop them in their tracks, and to get their eyes perusing the content, a.k.a. the ads inside. Think of successful magazines as hubs to particular niches of interest. They are master curators.

Take McDonald’s as an example…

In every McDonald’s ad, we expect to see the Golden Arches right? However the format, feel and style of the ad differs to capture the attention of their audience and in the manner they are most apt to receive it.


Custom Pinterest Board Covers

This Pinterest board cover inspiration?

Tiffany's Pinterest Board Covers

Pinterest Custom Covers?

Final thought…

So as you can see Pinterest board covers play an important role in your overall Pinterest strategy but only when there is a definitive marketing strategy behind it. You can change board covers to your heart’s content but without a solid purpose in mind, your Pinterest traffic will be hindered greatly.

Cheers to your success,


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