Pinterest Free Training 5 day challenge

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Learn the tips and strategies that got me from 0 to 37K followers and
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  • Create a breakthrough with your Brand. Learn how to stand out in a SATURATED market, and leave your competition behind.
  • Tap into the 11 billion dollar industry that is Pinterest. Learn the step-by-step process to creating visuals that will break the clutter and make you connect with your potential clients using imagery.
  • Discover the key Ingredients to ranking your business on Google, Bing,and Yahoo.These are the strategies you have been missing to get qualified leads and drive more sales.


Share your story, build your brand and profits for your BUSINESS with Pinterest.

Pinterest Free Training 5 day challenge

Want more SALES?

Then you’d better take a closer look at Pinterest…

Pinterest is popular, produces higher price points and reportedly creates more buyers than Social Media platforms…

Did you know…

  • 47% of US Shoppers!A whopping 47% of USA online shoppers have bought something as a direct result of a Pinterest recommendation.
  • An average of $140-$180!Pinterest shoppers aren’t afraid to drop serious coin,they average more per checkout between $140-$180 per order compare to Facebook or Twitter shoppers who spends between $60-80 per order on average. (Source: Rich Relevance)
  • Traffic that converts!Buyers from Pinterest who land on your site are the most likely to actually complete their transactions 10% more to be exact, than shoppers coming in from social media platforms.

You too should be leveraging this Pinterest Free Training for YOUR Business.

You Can't Afford To Miss This Free Pinterest Training Experience...


Maggie Lamarre, Pinterest Visual Marketing Strategist

Guides you through the training she delivers to the marketing industry’s best to help them dominate their niches.

Through her protocols, systems and strategies needed to harness the power of Pinterest, you will learn the secret methods she used to generate over 25K followers and 1.5 million repins in record time.

“It’s complex yet simple once you understand the psychology of the platform and its users.” says Lamarre.

Cheers, to your success!


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