How to Leverage the Power of the Listicle

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Did you know Pinterest is the ideal tool to create the perfect Listicle?

Don’t know what a listicle is?

A listicle is simply an article combine with a list, here’s an example of a listicle.

“5 Gorgeous Website for Free-stockphotograhy you will love.”

Listicle & Pinterest

Read on to see how you can get the listicle to work overtime for you on Pinterest.

Chances are your ideal clients are busy entrepreneurs, right?

Well no matter what makes our lives so hectic, one thing is for certain: We all have to eat whether we are a vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian etc…

Unless, of course, you have a personal chef!

Let’s face it. We are all guilty of scrambling to find something to eat at the last minute, including me, which is why most Pizzerias and fast food establishments are so successful. This is precisely where the power of Pinterest and the listicle comes in.

Pinterest has the largest recipe database in the world with 15 billion recipe ideas Click To Tweet

To illustrate, did you know Pinterest has the largest recipe database in the world with 15 billion recipe ideas available at your fingertips? Last year there were over 5 billion searches on Pinterest alone.

With those statistics, it’s easy to see why everyone is trying to gain traction in a platform that has so much traffic to offer. You can gain that traffic as well AND it is easier than you might think.

How to Leverage the Power of the Listicle with Pinterest.
15 billion recipes

How to Leverage the Power of the Listicle you ask?

By following this strategy I developed. Simply create a board devoted to listicles that will help your ideal clients be more productive.

A listicle board filled with recipe ideas for busy entrepreneurs who need to answer the age old question:

“What’s for Dinner?”
How to Leverage the Power of the Listicle on Pinterest
Listicle- is not only a win for the entrepreneur but a traffic goldmine for you! In creating this type of board, you’ll have an easily accessible answer working overtime and leveraging the power of Pinterest.

This is- one of the many examples I provide my clients learning how to leverage the power of Pinterest and I would love the opportunity to help you as well.

You see, I couldn’t be more excited about making a difference in my ideal client’s businesses and personal lives. It is very rewarding for me and you can achieve the same results too.

I like to stay organize, below is a simle tool I use to keep tracks of the different food categories I like to share with my tribes, you will find very helpful.
How to Write a Listicle for pinterest

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How to Leverage the Power of the Listicle” Method with Pinterest?

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Once you have created your listicles, check out this article on how to invite your readers to leave a testimonial with the Pinterest “Tried It Button” .

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