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Pinterest is an Amazing Powerhouse When You Know How to Use it.

Today, we’re going to do a little Pinterest house cleaning. It’s time to set a new foundation for traveling down the path of success online. In order to do that, we’ve got to bust the top 5 Pinterest myths and misinformation circulating out there.
Some Pinterest myths to dispel are viability in the marketplace, gender-bias, and affinity to appeal to crafters and hobby-lobby-homemakers.
We are the myths busters debunking these myths once and for all!

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5 Top Pinterest myths you need to dismiss

Let’s get started with the 5 top Pinterest Myths to stop believing in. 

1. Pinterest is a social media site to connect with like-minded followers


Correct answer

Pinterest is YOUR newest visual search engine buyer-based traffic. There are more higher-end buyers on Pinterest than any other platform, to the tune of driving $11 BILLION in revenue… in 1 Day Cyber Monday 2014!!!

2. Pinning 50-200 images daily will get you more followers.


Correct answer

Flooding your account with irrelevant images daily will be detrimental to your growth in attracting your ideal buyers.

What you are actually doing is creating a full time volunteering work for yourself!!!

We share growth strategies on this in the Pinterest Visual Marketing program

3. You’ve got to “share the love” and repin 80% of other pinner’s content on your boards, and only 20% of your own to be successful, stay in Pinterest’s good graces, and to get other influencers to like you and maybe repin your stuff.


Correct answer

A successful Pinterest campaign doesn’t work like that at all, maybe 5 years ago. You’ve got to be a master curator by leveraging content, add value to your boards to be successful at leveraging the Pinterest platform.
5 Top Pinterest myths you need to dismiss

4. Rename boards to make it easier, and delete pins and boards.


Correct answer

When you rename your boards, Pinterest have no way to update all previous links to that board, when your followers try to access the previous board they will get errors.

Here are 3 top reasons when your should delete your pins and boards

5. Pinterest is just for pictures.


Correct answer

Pinterest is for pictures, videos, Articles and SEO like none other. I’ve coined it the IV line to search engines.
5 Top Pinterest myths you need to dismiss

When you hear folks spouting off about how you should create massive boards and fill them with tons of pins 100-200 daily, don’t listen”. It should be an immediate red flag!. . . It doesn’t have to be like this. There are better strategies to create a unique brand that will stand out on Pinterest with my Pinterest Visual Marketing Program.

Throw away the ill-conceived notions of Pinterest just being for stay-at-home moms, women planning their weddings or creatives who have nothing better to do. Otherwise you’ll be leaving valuable traffic and SEO on the table.  Instead focus on curating valuable content your readers will appreciate.

Want to learn:

Other proven Pinterest strategies?

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  1. Drica Lima

    Some of these actually surprised me! I always thought pinning between 50-100 pins a day would be a good thing and allow for more followers.

  2. Maggie Lamarre

    HI Drica,
    Actually pinning that many a day of items that your ideal client doesn’t find valuable will hurt your business.
    When you are pinning that many items instead of leveraging them, you are basically doing PR for others, and not leveraging your time…

  3. yolonda

    This is exactly the information I need. I am so lost with Pinterest…signed up for your course!

  4. Drica Lima

    Good to know, thanks Maggie!

  5. Joan Cajic

    These are really helpful tips, with all the information out there I get confused on what to believe and what to implement. Your tips are more realistic, I had planned to rename some of my boards but didn’t know I would lose my past work. Thank you.

  6. Maggie Lamarre

    Most people don’t realize if someone is following that board and it is renamed, they will get an error message, since Pinterest is not able to sync backwards.HTH,

  7. Christa

    What a great post. I’d like to sign up, but I need more info on where and when is the course?

  8. Cynthia

    Very helpful, and exactly the opposite of what I’ve been learning! I’ve been on Pinterest for ages, but not using it as a business tool like I do now, so I feel like I’m all over the place ?

  9. Willow

    It looks like I have been using old rules that bloggers have put out in cyberland. Time to change my game plan!

  10. foodtinerary

    Thanks for the great tips on how to navigate Pinterest! It is so daunting!

  11. Michael @ Super Millennial

    Very helpful and looked like I am on the right track w/Pinterest activities!

  12. Denay DeGuzman

    I love that you have a great Pinterest following and have genuine tips to share! Sometimes creatives with tiny Pinterest followings create Pinterest guides and start advising others on how to grow their Pinterest accounts. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-earned expertise. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

  13. Kori Evans

    TONS of great information!! I have always heard the 80/20 rule! Thank you for the clairification!!

  14. Jenny

    I think promoting others content is important as long as it’s relevant to my niche. As a business blogger, I only share relevant content from others in addition to my own to break it up a bit.

  15. Nicole - Miss Sparkle

    Oh thanks, didn’t know you shouldn’t rename.. Ooops 🙂 Good tips!

  16. Kris

    I love how you’ve dismissed these misconceptions!

    Have a lovely day,
    xx Kris

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